The right level of service to meet your needs

Drop Off Service

Your catering order is delivered to your location (private or corporate), hot and ready to be enjoyed.  Buffet setup is available for an additional fee.

Ribpublic BBQ Catering dropoff Medfield
Ribpublic BBQ Catering Setup onsite Catering Medfield

Buffet Service

Includes setup and clean-up of buffet. Also includes attendants that will monitor and attend to the needs of the buffet throughout the event.  Carving stations are also available. 

Onsite Cooking

Usually coupled with Buffet Service, we bring one of our amazing smoker trailers to your location and smoke the food on the premises.  A nice experience for your guests.  Our pitmaster is happy to entertain your guests with discussions on this cooking process. 

Ribpublic BBQ Catering Onsite Medfield
Ribpublic BBQ Demo Catering Medfield

BBQ Demonstrations and Team Building

Our Pitmaster will customize a program that will both entertain and educate your guests on the art of BBQ.  It can include hands-on activities as well as tastings throughout the event.  Can be coupled with a full luncheon as an excellent and unique team building event.